CHAD CURTIS, LOST AGAIN (world premiere)

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Over three days, we saw three episodes (jokingly labeled 1, 4 and 14, each one 10 to 15 minutes long) of a goofy, retro serial in which innocent Chad searches for the tablet with which God has sent his last words to Earth, while aliens, an earthy despot, a religious maniac and Chad's mother all follow contrary agendas. A comic blend of Revelations, early sci-fi schlock and social satire, Chad Curtis is a reminder of the pure joy of the serials.


The Los Angeles Times

Arthur Kopit contributed three pieces in "Flash Gordon" serial style, titled Chad Curtis, Lost Again. They were moderately fun, if only for Mark Mineart's stylish embodiment of a Ming the Merciless-brand villain.  It was a kick to see the actor, bouncing back after getting his head blown half-off in Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage.



Arthur Kopit's Chad Curtiss, Lost Again, three 10-minute plays in serial form, was a lovingly staged version of those old cliffhanger movie serials such as The Perils of Pauline that often preceded the main feature in long ago times. All the conventions (the upright hero in constant mortal danger, damsels in distress, evil villains and henchmen, caves, explosions, last minute escapes) were observed in episodes performed one a day over three days only at the festival's visitors weekend for critics and theatre professionals. It was great corny fun.