I am very proud of this production of Oleanna.  And the thing I am most proud of is my lack of involvement in it.

What I mean by that is that the show you are about to see is Student Generated Work.  And that is the very best kind.   The idea to do Oleanna came from them.  They pitched it to the faculty.  They spent their summer doing all the scheduling, and the grunt-work.  They took it into rehearsal and production.  And now they are taking it into performance.  From the ground up Oleanna belongs to them.  They should be very proud.

I was honoured to be invited in by the three members of the company to ‘help out’ with directing it.  I assisted them a couple of times per week with set design, staging, fight choreography, and acting notes.

I cannot over stress the accomplishment  they have made, nor the importance of Student Generated Work.  I hope to see more and more students passionate enough and committed enough to make more projects like Oleanna a reality.

Enjoy the show.