Educators and Theatre Professionals

PAUL STEGER: Professor, Director of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, Executive Director Nebraska Repertory Theatre

ROBIN MCFARQUHAR: S.A.F.D. Fight Master, Professor of Theatre, University of Illinois

ED STERN: Former Artistic Dirextor, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

DR. HARRIS FRIEDBERG: Associate Professor of English, Wesleyan University

WILLIAM SADLER: Theatre and Film professional

ANNEKA LENSSEN: Assistant Professor, History of Art Department, UC-Berkeley (formerly Assistant Professor, Visual Cultures Program, Department of the Arts, AUC)

JOE DISCHER: Former Associate Artistic Director, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

DR. DEAN PANTTAJA: Chair Department of Theatre Arts, University of Idaho

DR. MARY E. 'MEL' MCCOMBIE: Visiting Associate Professor, Associate Director, The American Studies Graduate Program, Trinity College

ZAN SAWYER DAILEY: Associate Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville

MEAGHAN SULLIVAN: Artistic Associate, Texas Shakespeare Festival

PAUL KIERNAN: Theatre Professional

MEREDITH ZINNER: Theatre Professional

KATHLEEN MULLIGAN: Associate Professor, Department of Theatre Arts, Ithaca College

Former Students

ADHAM HADDARA: MFA candidate, Professional Actor Training Program, University of Houston.

HILARY BABOUKIS: MM candidate, Vocal Performance, Oklahoma State University


Anonymous Student Evaluations

"Coach's enthusiasm, energy, work-ethic, and encouragement are things I can't imagine our theater department doing without."

"By far the most enjoyable and useful class I have taken in my years at AUC."

"An essential course for any aspiring actor. Simply brilliant."

"It is not just that Coach Mineart knows his subject matter very well and is able to TEACH it, he is also able to INSPIRE us."

"He really cares about his students. You can tell when a university professor is just putting in his time and teaching a class mechanically or if they're REALLY concerned that their students grasp the concepts and learn."

"Every AUC student should take this course (Acting I) as a requirement."

"Great experience-it was challenging, creative, and definitely inspiring."

"I completely recommend students to take a course with Coach. You will learn a lot and you will apply the learning to real life situations."

"Coach is liberal with his time and always available when students need him."

"This class has helped me become more open and confident about myself and I love it!"

"A wonderful addition to the AUC theatre faculty, he truly cares for his students and their well being."

"Coach Mineart is very persistent about having us overcome our fears and discomfort, and helps us become more focused, not just in his course, but in all our classes."

"Coach Mineart is an amazing professor."

"He really challenges us to become the best that we can be. "

"When it comes to theater, it's not just about knowing your material and understanding concepts, there is a certain PASSION that is required and Professor Mineart is great at inspiring that passion in students."

"Coach is fun to be around and his teaching skills and knowledge are out of this world."

PEER REVIEWS: The American University in Cairo

ACTING I: Spring 2013  

ACTING II: Spring 2014