MFA Candidate, Professional Actor Training Program, University of Houston.

Mark 'Coach' Mineart approaches theatre and the craft of acting with a high degree of professionalism and commitment. These two qualities then lend themselves to his work in academics as he fully engages and gives himself in service of his university, department, and most of all, his students. He works closely with his students both in and out of class to ensure they produce only the best work possible. He encourages and expects his students to work hard. 

His attention to detail and appreciation for specificity makes it so all lines of communication are consistently open where students receive round the clock focus, attention, and constructive feedback on how to improve and further their work. Additionally, his unwavering support of student productions and community theatre empowers students to take action and make a valuable contribution to their university and community, running on the notion that their work isn't confined or limited to a classroom, nor should it be. 

In my experience with Professor Mineart, his work ethic and personal conduct in and out of class effortlessly leads itself into an honest friendship. One that I and many other students are grateful for and enjoy as we not only gain a teacher with extensive knowledge and experience of his craft, but a friend who his willing to share, mentor, connect, listen and grow with his students just as much as they are with him.