Meaghan Sullivan
Artistic Associate, Texas Shakespeare Festival

I had the honor and joy of working with Mark Mineart during the summer of 2011 at the Texas Shakespeare Festival. Mark was directing 'The Taming of the Shrew' and I was playing the role of Katherina. It was a process that I thoroughly enjoyed, and that was directly related to the environment that Mark created.

Mark is a strong and thoughtful director. He's kind but honest (a rare combination) and his artistry shows up everywhere. It's clear if you've ever seen a photograph that Mark has taken, that he sees beauty everywhere, and his artistic eye is profound.

I always felt like I had a sort of shorthand with Mark because we came from the same training program at the University of Delaware's PTTP which focuses on creating classical works, while being a theatre artist with integrity. Mark embodied the cornerstones of this school perfectly. His hard work ethic, natural talent, and overall integrity made him an incredible director and artist who I will always want to collaborate with.