Theatre Professional

I have had the good fortune to work with Mark Mineart several times. In all my experiences with him I have found him to be the consummate professional. His work ethic is stellar and his process is positive, inclusive and full of the joy that makes others want to share in the experience with him. He has always proven himself a valuable, conscientious company member, a generous and giving actor, and good human being.

Mark has always been an actor who is aware of the people in the room, taking time to be a positive influence on young actors just starting out in the business. He makes himself available to them for advice and help, he encourages them in their pursuits, he has been a cheerleader for them when they succeed and a solid mentor to them when they experience failure.

Mark is an actor who never stops learning, never settles for what he did in the past or what he already knows. He continues to push himself, push the limits of his craft and seek new ways to better the art itself.

An all round good, talented, kind, human being that, in my experience, makes every production he is a part of that much better. It is with great joy that I write this note for I know that he will be a valuable asset to any program, company, school he gives his immeasurable skills to.