Professor, Director of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, Executive Director Nebraska Repertory Theatre

Working with Mark at the University of Oklahoma was perhaps the most successful collaboration I have had to date. Mark was clear about his concept of the classes, his expectations of the students, etc. and yet not restrictive. Mark was always open to embrace the students’ perceptions of the work and encouraged them to implement new techniques in their work. The week-long series of workshops was, in my opinion, the highlight of the academic year for my students. The pace balanced with the demands made of the students was excellent. Mark’s teaching style made it fun for the actors involved and the results were compelling for the other faculty to watch. His work in the Auditions class was nothing less than remarkable. Mark and I created a real-life audition for the students, complete with outside Casting Director and successfully created an audition environment.

I find Mark Mineart to be a rare human being who possesses great passion for life and the theatre. He is always prepared and ever-present to the task at hand, whether it be directing a show or creating a character. He takes risks as an actor and director, is always open to new ideas, and will experiment with any idea, within reason. He is one of those performers whom I would love to direct, as well as one of those directors with whom I would love to work. His passion for the theatre is evident in his students, to which I can personally attest. Mark’s students bring to rehearsals the openness and depth of feeling that Mark brings. A solid acting craft is their means of success. The students I have worked with have strong analytical skills and create characters that are compelling to watch.

I have found Mark to be an exceptional actor, director and teacher.